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  • In dissolution, you and your spouse will end your marriage by agreement. After negotiating and signing an agreement, you will make an appearance before a judge, who will dissolve your marriage. The process takes approximately 45 days after filing the agreed documents.


  • In divorce, you or your partner files a lawsuit and serve papers on the other. The process then proceeds by the process of litigation, with discovery, subpoenas and court orders. Divorce can be as difficult as one of the partner wants to make it. In the end your marriage will be dissolved.


  • As a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic as well as your Attorney, we care about helping you start your new life and strive to make the transition as painless as possible. You now have the option to choose from several packages that include personal trainers to jump-start you in the direction of your new life. You deserve this. It’s never too late to live happily ever after.

Personalized Dissolution and Divorce Packages

Many divorce lawyers forget their clients are real people who are most likely completely unprepared for the dramatic changes ahead. At Villarreal Law Firm, LLC, our goal is not only to guide you through the legal steps of divorce, but to get you back on their feet, and moving in a new positive direction. We provide the highest level of legal care because we actually care.

In Ohio, you can end your marriage in one of two ways: through dissolution or divorce. Both resolve the same issues: how you and your spouse will divide marital assets and debt, and how you will co-parent your children. However, divorce and dissolution take vastly different approaches..

Attorneys For Divorce And Dissolution in Ohio

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